Our firm exists to assist corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations achieve extraordinary current results while at the same time developing into organizations of character that create a lasting positive legacy.

We firmly believe that every organization's greatest resource is its people. Our work is founded upon the principle, we believe that: People who understand their own worth and capabilities will outperform those who do not.

We work with those in the leadership and management helping them to empower their people. For any improvement to be fully successful, it must be fostered from within the organization, otherwise it will be resisted and eventually defeated as a passing fad imposed from without. We work with your leadership in a manner that keeps them visibly in-front of your people. You are the change leader, not us

As our clients, we will do everything within our capability to fulfill our Purpose within your organization. In addition, we will maintain your trust and confidence by acting in the highest ethical manner at all times.

A&A Manufacturing, Advanced Technologies International, Aegis Services Limited, Aid Association for Lutherans, Alabama Power Company, Ancha Electronics Incorporated, Anheuser-Busch Companies Incorporated, AOL Time Warner, Appgen Software, Australian Air Force, Battelle, Bentley Company, Bio-technical Resources- A DuPont ConAgra Company, Boeing Corporation, Building Service Industries Sales Company, Burke Industries, Cadillac Gage, CCT Emulation, Chapman & Associates, Charles E. Gillman Company, Claverham Limited, Codapro Corporation, Derco Incorporated, Diamond Data Management, DRS Incorporated, Elliott & Riley S.C., Fabrite Incorporated, Fairey Arlon, Incorporated, Fairey Hydraulics Limited, Fairey Microfiltrex Incorporated, Fairey Microfiltrex Limited, Farey Systems Incorporated, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Publications, Ferrulmatic Incorporated, FH Incorporated, FHL, Firststar Bank, FMC, FMS Corporation, GEC Marconi Incorporated, General Services Administration, Greene Metal Products Incorporated, Grumman Corporation, Hamilton Sunstrand, Harnischfeger Industries Company, Harvest Trust Incorporated, Herrick, Hart & Sullivan, Hill Industries Incorporated, Hunter Manufacturing Company, Intelligraphics, Interactive Media Corporation, Interclaim Limited, Kaman Aerospace Corporation, LaBelle Industries, Labrant & Associates Incorporated, Lau Defense, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Lockheed Martin Defense, Mattson Instruments, Merck/Medco Pharmaceutical, Milwaukee Electronics, Montana Tradeport Authority, Moog Incorporated, Motorola Incorporated, National Contract Management Association, National Rx Services, New Zealand Air Force, Parsons Precision Products, Patz, Pelican Industries Incorporated, P&H Material Handling, PPG Industries, Promega Corporation, Quest Technologies, Racine Iron & Wire Works Incorporated, Rapco Incorporated, Renow Pharmaceuticals, Incorporated, Revere Electric Incorporated, Riley & Artabane S.C., RSVP Events, San Jamar, Scotsman, Service Tool Incorporated, Snider Publications, Sonceboz, S.A., Stanford Communications, State of Montana, State of Nevada, State of Oregon, State of Wisconsin, Suspension Parts Industries Limited Israel, SXLI Software Incorporated, Tech Epikos Sri-Italy, Teltec International Limited, Textron Corporation, Thrivent, United Communications Group, United Defense, United States Army Research Development & Engineering Center, United States Government, United Technologies Corporation, United States Air Force, United States Marine Corps, University of Wisconsin, Management Institute, Urdan Industries Israel, Vista Controls, Wacker Corporation, West Valley Nuclear Services, Wildeck, Wisconsin Department of Tourism

Organizations that focus on the value of people and relationships, naturally reap the tangible rewards of high morale and loyalty, increased productivity, superior ROI and exceptional operating results over the long term. Yet those organizations that singularly focus their energies directly on achieving these desired outcomes, fail to attain comparable results. This simple truth is the fundamental motivation for John's desire to help executive leaders develop their organizations into principle-based, market leaders.

John's thirty years of international business experience in the corporate, government and non-profit sectors gives him a truly global perspective on the challenges that organizations face today. Although client issues vary from the Western Hemisphere to Asia and even between the United Kingdom and Europe, the underlying principles that lead to continued success in difficult times are universal and unchanging. His global understanding coupled with a commitment to principled application enables him to effectively assist the firm's clients in creating their own legacy.

An Honors graduate in Business and Economics, John has instructed for numerous universities and colleges, as well as the Federal Government and private seminar sponsors. Additionally, he is a frequent media guest and in the past two years his articles and interviews have appeared in over a hundred magazines and newspapers in North America. He has authored several books including Reclaiming the Ethical High Ground: Developing Organizations of Character (Reliance Books 2002), Jackbilt A Company: Of Happy, Successful People (Reliance Books 2001), and The Little Book of Big Thoughts to Begin Your Day. His forthcoming book, Radical Leadership, is scheduled for release in 2003.

American Bar Association,
National Speakers Association,
Meeting Professionals International,
Turnaround Management Association,
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners,
National Contract Management Association,
American Defense Preparedness Association,
Wisconsin Professional Speakers Association,
National Defense Industrial Association,
Association of the United States Army,
American Petroleum Institute,
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