Suppose for a moment that you could be transported back in time to the early 1900's. Take a good look around! Under the shady elms, you see a boy in knickers helping two men loading a horse drawn wagon at a mid sized company. Scan the premises and in particular, notice the people who work there. Now, fast forward ten years. Take another look and then move forward twenty years.

What has changed? The young man is now in mid life and no longer wearing knickers. In fact, everyone has grown older. But, the same faces are still there. Yes the company has grown great and prosperous, with a large workforce, but many who once were clerks are now managers and executives. Up to a generation ago, most people made their career at one organization.

People mattered then and they still do today. Building a Legacy Organization restores trust, mutual respect, and loyalty. These create an environment where employees are inspired, motivated and committed. Moreover it results in the organization becoming stronger and more resilient, better able to quickly adapt to market and economic changes.

What are you striving to achieve? More importantly, what is your driving motivation? How do you want to be remembered? If profitability is your only goal, you have aimed too low and underestimated your potential. Make no mistake, you will leave a legacy whether you intend to or not. What will be your legacy?

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